In 2011, linguaitaliana.ir was founded by a group of Iranian alumni from Italian universities with the goal of helping Persian speakers and students who are interested to study in Italy.

As Italian is not a commonly speaking language in Iran, and educational resources are rare, by translating and teaching online books and offering them online, we have tried to provide an equal opportunity for those who are interested to this language. Our goals are: promoting Italian language, presenting Italian education system, its universities and educational capacities.

Given the fact that in recent years, the number of English-language courses in Italian universities has increased, we have tried to help education-seekers in Italy with an up-to-date information about Italian Universities, Academies and Music Schools. Likewise, education providers might use our recruitment services. Our team collaborates with different student recruitment agencies across Iran to provide consultation services for future students.

Mobile: +98 939 297 2608
email: info@linguaitaliana.ir